Roof top tents are designed to be fitted on SUVs and other large vehicle (better performance and more visually pleasing). We recommend using our tents on larger vehicles, but there are a lot of roof top tents users with small sedans a well. There are several online forums dedicated to this, such as this one. However, our tents should not be mounted on mini or subcompact cars. The main requirements are that your roof rack and cross bars have a dynamic weight load of 165lbs or more, and that your cross bars be at least 30 inches apart.
With their universal mounting system, iKamper rooftop tents can be mounted on most vehicles in the market. They are designed to be mounted on two cross bars (not directly on the roof of the car), such as ones from Thule, Yakima, or any other after-market cross bars (same bars you would attach your bike or Kayak to). The cross bars should have a (dynamic) weight capacity of 165 lbs or more for the Skycamp to be mounted on them Please check the dimensions and mounting directions of the Skycamp
Yes, it can. Please check our the Skycamp’s dimensions and mounting instructions
The Skycamp comes in one size that fits on most vehicles’ roof racks. For the exact dimensions and mounting instructions
About 150 lbs (70kg). The Skycamp itself can hold up to 900 lbs (400kg), but the weight limit mostly depends on your cross bars and car roof.
Generally, the load capacity of a cross bar indicates the dynamic (moving) load, not the static load. Once your vehicle is parked, the cross bar can take a lot more weight than when moving.
Yes! Even though the extension panel of the Skycamp folds up into the tent, there is still enough room for sleeping bags, blankets, pillows, or clothing. You can watch the video about bedding in the Skycamp
Easy! You can mount and unmount it using just one bolt wrench (13mm spanner). The weight of the Skycamp is only about 150 lbs (70kg) which is incredibly lightweight, considering its size when it is open. It can be mounted by two strong people, or very easily with four. The first time you mount the tent on your vehicle, it will take less than 30 minutes and once you get the hang of it, less than 10 minutes.
You only need a roof rack on your vehicle and a 13mm wrench (spanner) to tighten the bolts on the brackets. All other mounting components are included with the tent.
Yes, to close the tent just repeat the opening procedure the other way around. One person can easily close the tent without any difficulty.
We will replace any defective parts for 2 years for free. Any replacement parts you need will also be replaced at a minimum cost production cost for 3 years after the first 2 years.
About 350 lbs. For maximum safety, the ladder should be placed at the correct angle (ideally 70 degrees at the inside base of the ladder).
Yes, it is. Skycamp’s ladder comes in 3 sizes
The Skycamp is mounted onto the cross bars of your roof rack using four brackets (8 bolts). While it would be difficult to inconspicuously steal, you can purchase the mounting bracket locks (Anti-Theft locks) for additional safety.
The Skycamp’s tent is available in two materials: your choice of Polyester 210D or Poly Cotton Canvas. The poly/cotton blend is highly breathable, but care should be taken to dry the material after rain to avoid mold buildup. The polyester fabric is more affordable, lighter, and does not require any special care if it gets wet.
While there are many factors to consider (temperature, humidity, wind, etc.), our customers have used our rooftop tents in both summer and winter. The breathability of the poly/cotton blend make it a good choice for both summer and winter camping, and the aluminum honeycomb panels and mattress offer insulation during winter.

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